API 570 Preparation Course for PIPING INSPECTOR Certification

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The main emphasis of this program is to provide a comprehensive understanding of the design, inspection and maintenance of process piping based on API 570 standards.  Process piping system is one of the critical production assets in process industry.  How to adopt code rules for your plant’s process piping system and various service conditions will be illustrated with numerous case studies. Important codes will be reviewed and discussed so as to address the difficulties and ambiguities  you might have encountered during working.


1. Knowledge of the latest API publications and other international standards and its applications on the job:

  • API RP 574, Inspection Practices for Piping System Components
  • API RP 577, Welding Inspection and Metallurgy
  • API RP 578, Material Verification Program for New and Existing Alloy Piping
  • API RP 571, Damage Mechanisms (related to Piping Systems)
  • ASME B31.3, Process Piping
  • ASME B16.5, Pipe Flanges and Flanged Fittings
  • ASME Sect 5, Nondestructive Examination
  • ASME Sect 9, Welding Qualifications

2. Knowledge and expertise that are required for maintenance, rating, inspection, repair and alteration of in-service piping system.

3. Information of API Individual Certification Program and API 570 Inspector certification process.

4. The trainer is a practitioner with in-depth knowledge and experience about the industry that will benefit participants to learn about knowledge applications in real work.

For more information, download the following brochure:

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4 May, 2015 to 8 May, 2015

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Bandung, Indonesia

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