About This Certification

PT Fritmandiri Utama in cooperation with PETROLEUM TRAINING SERVICES (PTS -THAILAND) offer IWCF  Drilling Well Control Certification Course in Indonesia for Oil & Gas Exploration & Production Company Personnels, and Drilling Company Personnels.

The IWCF certification consists of written exam and Simulator Assessment. Written exam subjects are: Well Control Equipment and Principles & Procedure. The Drilling Well Control Certification Course addresses basic principles and theory of well control along with the most commonly used well control techniques. Certification is awarded upon successful completion of the exam at Supervisor or Driller levels.

Designed For

  • LEVEL 2  (Introductory)
  • LEVEL 3 (IWCF new standard) for Driller and Assistant Driller
  • LEVEL 4 (IWCF new standard) for Toolpusher / Drilling Engineer / Drilling Supervisor / Rig Superintendent / Rig Manager

Certificate Validity

Those who pass all exam subjects shall receive an IWCF Registered Certificate, which is valid for 2 years date-to-date.

RE-SIT (IWCF new rule as of 1 February 2014)

  • If a candidate fails on 2 or more components, he is not eligible for re-sit, and must attend a new course.
  • If a candidate fails in 1 component, and achieves 66-69%, he is eligible for instant re-sit (re-sit on same day as initial exam). If he achieves 65% or below, he can take first re-sit within 90 days after initial exam.
  • If a candidate fails on first re-sit,he can take second re-sit within 90 days after initial exam.
  • Re-sit registration should be done at least 2 weeks before re-sit date.

Certification Outline

  • Basic terms
  • BHP & Leak Off test
  • Kick Indications & Shut-In Procedures
  • Well Killing Methods
  • Problems During Circulating out Kick
  • Blow Out Prevention Equipment
  • IWCF written exam
  • Drilling and Well Control Simulator Assessment

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